Monday, March 18, 2013

Must have for the Eyewear Aficionado...

Being a collector of vintage eyewear as well as working with the finest high end Optical Shop in South Florida I have the best of both worlds.  Eyewear is a sensible and rather easy way to change up your style.  Eyewear has come a long way from being an object that simple allowed one to SEE, now it has become a great asset to ones style. This simple accessory is a great way to give a sense of distinction or complete a look.

While many have realized the power of eyewear such as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh NBA player for the Heat. They are wearing glasses that have no prescription and sometimes with no lenses in them at all. Finally the time has come and fashionistas just seem to not get enough of eyewear and sunglasses.

Vintage Valentino
If one is not blessed with the power of having as many eyeglasses or sunglasses as they wish their are some tips that apply to having a great collection.  You know how every girl must have a LBD "little black dress" in eyewear fashion it is a LBE "large black eyewear".  This great eyeglass style offers both men and ladies a look that can be both a casual look or cross over for a black tie event. This look states that you are not afraid to be bold and stand out in the crowd.

Vintage Bruce Lee Aviator 
The second piece of eyewear recommended is a great looking aviator sunglass this is a staple in any eyewear wardrobe. This classic style whether it is a vintage aviator or a great looking modern aviator it truly a must. The next style recommended is something that expresses your self, if you are an artist maybe it should be a very unusual shape or fabulous color whatever makes you feel comfortable. This look should be yours and allow for you to express your style and really enhance how you are perceived and remembered.
"Be your own logo....TM"

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