Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mixing the Old with The NEW!!!!!                                                          

Great Vintage P3's Vintage Dior Vintage La Roche
Large Shipment from "over the pond" some really incredible styles coming up available on site soon lots of classic round vintage eyeglasses.  Getting everything lensed up and ready for the maiden voyage @atticeyewear! 

Lots of work to do....
Sometimes it can get overwhelming good thing I #phucking love what I do!  Going to be putting in some sick lenses in some of these pieces... dialectic mirror's.  Great colored #mirrored lenses.  This is why I boastfully consider myself a couturier of fine vintage eyewear.  I create a total package of incredible vintage eyeglasses with equally  fantastic quality lenses that give our renowned vintage collection a modern twist. Please do not misunderstand all of our eyewear is authentic vintage however modern lens treatments cannot be overlooked. So look forward to the unveiling all of these beauties !  
SEE you soon!

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