Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dime Store Fashion

     One of the most fascinating things about collecting vintage sunglasses is the level of quality in manufacturing. Dimestores such as Woolworth and five and dime stores would have ready made sunglasses that were sold for reasonable prices. While they were mass produced the sunglasses that were made back in the 1930-1950 were of exceptional quality and manufacturing . Some Of the materials that were used in the early 1900 was Bakelite the first plastic made of synthetic components. Other materials were zylonite or as Opticians say ZYL.  

     These Dimestore glasses of the past surpass some modern day designer brands!  We will be featuring a section on or new websites atticeyewear.com we will call dimestore! We hope you will stop by and visit us soon!



Monday, September 17, 2018

Wait and SEE...

Working hard preparing for upcoming photo shoot! atticeyewear.com is excited about sharing our progress for our vintage eyewear collection. So many frames so little time! 

We have so many beautiful vintage sunglasses and vintage eyewear that we have recently procured. Working on cataloguing all we have purchased. We shall keep you posted of our progress.  


Monday, September 3, 2018

Long Time no SEE

Well it has been way too long. Media platform such as INSTAGRAM and Twitter are faster to share . I realized however, I miss my writing ✍🏽. So I will not punish myself for not keeping up with What’s in your  attic? I will move forward.

We will be launching a new website hosted by Shopify. We should be live the first week of October. I will keep you all posted so stay tuned. Forgive my absence. Atticeyewear.com 👀 looks forward to sharing with you once again.

Thank You 


Friday, April 22, 2016

Godspeed Prince

Prince Rodgers Nelson......
The death of this consummate Artist was a jolt of reality. Prince's Minneapolis sound is to me the best of the1980's.

Prince paved the way for ARTIST to embrace their creativity and push the boundaries of music. He pioneered incorporating performance art thru the new medium of entertainment know as MTV! 
His sudden death brings light of how we must live life to the fullest. Though his passing is sad he left an indelible mark on Music that will live on forever!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Priant pour vous Belgium!

Even If you do not believe possible say THANK YOU for PEACE
Words have power to create reality beyond ones
Say I forgive even though we know it not to be 
Words have the power to strengthen and 
Shout I LOVE YOU and see how this feels 
Words have the POWER to culminate  LOVE FOR


Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, June 8, 2015

Here Come's The Dawn Again....atticeyewear.com to the rescue!

Finding unique vintage items that meet our standards becomes more and more difficult. That is why when friend and Reggae Artist Johnny Dread lost his circa 1960 John Lennon eyeglasses he was so upset. We explained how we buy only one of each item so it is unique to the owner their iconic look! With much research however we were able to locate another pair for him. Needless to say Johnny was thrilled and relieved!
Johnny Dread c1960's John Lennon

We strive to bring to our clients only the finest quality vintage eyewear "the stars were aligned" for this Rasta. Johnny wears atticeyewear.com for his sunglasses as well. You can view his latest video Butterfly and you can SEE him wearing his vintage Christian Roth Onassis sunglasses. Download Full Circle from Itunes.

Watch Johnny Dread Butterly Here..