Monday, June 8, 2015

Here Come's The Dawn to the rescue!

Finding unique vintage items that meet our standards becomes more and more difficult. That is why when friend and Reggae Artist Johnny Dread lost his circa 1960 John Lennon eyeglasses he was so upset. We explained how we buy only one of each item so it is unique to the owner their iconic look! With much research however we were able to locate another pair for him. Needless to say Johnny was thrilled and relieved!
Johnny Dread c1960's John Lennon

We strive to bring to our clients only the finest quality vintage eyewear "the stars were aligned" for this Rasta. Johnny wears for his sunglasses as well. You can view his latest video Butterfly and you can SEE him wearing his vintage Christian Roth Onassis sunglasses. Download Full Circle from Itunes.

Watch Johnny Dread Butterly Here..

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