Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lost in Space....Never

Vintage Iris Apfel has been very busy.....

Finding new and exciting vintage eyeglasses and vintage sunglasses to our clients. We have been diligently working on building a collection of truly unique and special vintage eyeglass period pieces.

Much time and effort is given to this task as it is becoming more difficult to acquire vintage eyeglasses that fall in our criteria of acceptance.

We strive for our clients to be amazed at the quality and condition of our vintage eyeglass collection. This is for us our " mission to be able to search out vintage sunglasses that look as if they are new and just manufactured."
Vintage American Optical

We strive for perfectionism and this shows in our collection and in our service.  Most often we are asked as to how we find our eyewear?  We are professional Opticians as well as collectors and we utilize our contacts in the eyeglass industry to search out our collection of vintage eyewear.

Our hope is that our iconoclastic eyewear collection will find it's way to all those who share a love for timeless fashion in eyewear. 
Vintage Pierre Cardin Round Eyeglass circa 1970's

Vintage Catalina Sunglass
Vintage Gianfranco Ferre Alutanium

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so YOU may find your own iconic style.

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