Monday, January 21, 2013

Anglo American Fantasy

Vintage Anglo Amearican Fantasy Collection

 If one is not familiar with Anglo American Eyewear...let me update you. Anglo American was founded in London in 1882. Over 120 years of manufacturing Eyeglasses they produced a collection in the 1980's called the Fantasy Collection, this collection was based on sheer fun. These completely handmade frames were made in England of the highest quality cellulose acetate they are very collectible and incredibly Rare vintage sunglasses. The zyl  that was and still is used is of a cotton based material so it is allergy free and also is very durable. These pieces are over 30 years old and really look factory fresh as if just manufactured. We put them through our rigorous routine of making them ready for the world again!

We look forward to having them as a part of our cotte d'armes collection.  Along with the Anglo we also snatched up a Alain Mikli as well as a original Folding Pierre Cardin  circa 1960's in the original box. We are very Proud and excited to present this to our clients. We look forward to a great year. We are certainly off to a great start.

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