Monday, January 7, 2013


Throughout the many years of collecting we have learned so much and would like to inform our clients as to what some of our processes are and the care as to which we take before listing any vintage eyeglasses on our site.

First we wish to share what the word NOS means. This acronym stand for New Out Of Stock. This means that the item has never been worn by any other person. We find our collection thru our many contacts in the eyewear industry and a vast group of legitimate collectors whose stock meets our criteria. Some times, the eyewear comes in the original packaging from the manufacturer which we include in the purchase.

Original Tart Sleeve
Being a lover of all things vintage there are just some items that I feel are to personal and will not purchase if previously worn. Eyewear and shoes are on the top of the list. Due to the close proximity to ones body and having no way as to really wash them....does the word Cooties mean anything to you?

Some vintage eyeglasses have historic value and are truly one of a kind and if we do find something of this nature we list it as refurbished and it goes thru the following process. First the item is bathed in salt water to wash off any previous energies. Then the item is taken apart and cleaned individually and we then ship the piece off to a company that rehydrate the plastic and re-polishes the acetate to give it a fresh new surface. The reason for this painstaking process is that eyewear was made generally from cellulose acetate. This material is a fiber that is derived from cotton seeds and these fibers absorb the body oils from the wearer and become a part of the material.  We have taken a photo that shows what a used frame looks like in which the oils of the person have seeped out to the top surface. YUCK!

Photo shows previous owner oils seeping thru to the surface...

This is why it is of great importance to us that we share our concept of collecting and if this is important to you we have done our job to educate you on collecting Fine Vintage Eyewear.

We are perfectionist and work diligently to build a collection that meets our high standards and one can buy with confidence when you purchase with

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