Monday, January 28, 2013

Not just another Vintage Eyeglass website....

Nose Pads added to plastic frame
We at are proud to announce a new service being offered. We have a large overseas market particularly in Asia, being professional opticians we try to overcome any obstacle in fitting of our vintage eyeglasses and to accommodate the many different facial types we come across. We are offering a service in which we can add nose pads to our plastic vintage eye glasses or plastic vintage sunglasses. This service allows the eyewear to become fully adjustable and allow for a proper fit for those who have difficulty due to a small bridge or a flat bridge. This service is a separate billing charge of $80 USD and does take one week for the process to be completed.

This service opens up a wide variety of choices in plastic vintage eyeglasses for those who have been unable to wear plastic eyeglasses because of the fitting on the face.
Frontal View shows how the nose pads look

We are always looking for solution to overcome objections and offer the most personalized service possible for all of our clients.


                        Thank You....Dawn


  1. Great Pictures. These old relic glasses are the best. I wonder if there's a company that has glasses and eyewear in Edmonton similar to these.