Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will Ferrell...Vintage Eyeglasses

This image is of Will Ferrell from the new movie The Other Guy...the vintage eyeglasses you see here are classic 1980's rimless square aviators.  Will felt that it was apropos for his character to have this classic styling.

These days many are realizing that No Brand is a Brand. It is a pure statement that you are secure in your style and know what you want. This says a lot more than merely a logo plaque on the side of your head or anywhere else on your person.  Not that I dislike brands but that should not determine what you buy.
Fashion should be about style, your style the image of your reflection should be a true sense of who you are. So search deep and find that person and you will surely become a much happier human being and a better dressed individual.  Can I get an Amen?

This vintage frame circa 1980's is of similar styling that Will is wearing available at  So be The Other Guy with Style in vintage eyeglasses.

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