Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol would be celebrating his 82 birthday today.  Andy the original pop icon is still alive and well in the counter culture of art lovers everywhere. What a legacy Andy created for the visual art movement.  Andy led the path for commercial artist to be accepted as the artist that they are, though some art aficionado may find such a commercial approach as repugnant.   His eye was impeccable at perceiving imagery that so many could appreciate and wish to own. His life as well as his art was as if it was depicted through a lens. Homogeneous yet at the same time celebratory of a moment in time.
Comfort Art one might say!

Andy iconic vintage eyeglass was what we call in the industry a P3.
The P3 gets its name from the eyewear manufacturers, and it refers to a classic style that falls between oval and round. The top of the frame is round, and the bottom of the frame is round too but slightly pointed. This allows for a wider range of fit for many face shapes. So visit  &
Create your own legacy of style!

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