Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fedora...Vintage Sunglasses

This vintage image you see is of Marthe Keller from the 1978 American film Fedora.  This dramatic film directed by Billy Wilder was highly underrated however it truly is worth watching. The narrative directing technique by Billy is brilliant and the cast is stellar starring William Holden as the aging director 'Dutch' Detweiler who is determined to lure Fedora a reclusive actress back into the limelight.  The film was released at Cannes in 1978 and really did not receive classic fanfare only appearing in a handful of selected venues.  This is classic Wilder cinema!

This vintage sunglass by Swank you see featured is available at This vintage circa 1970's sunglass is also classic atticeyewear, featuring the original glass lenses from the manufacturer. This vintage sunglass we too had to seduce out of seclusion and is available for purchase too...
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