Monday, August 2, 2010

John Trudell...Vintage Eyeglasses

John Trudell a Poet and true activist for Mother Earth wearing his classic round vintage eyeglasses with a clip on. Trudell a Santee Sioux began recording his poetry to Native music to create an awareness of the reality that we are visitors on this Earth. One of his first album's Grafitti Man was well heard and deemed best album of 1986 by Bob Dylan.  Trudell work is so poignant and mystical and really brings a sense of realization that we must respect Mother Earth and all of her majesty. For it is not ours to own merely to rejoice in the moments that we all are blessed to receive her splendor.

This vintage eyeglass is of the same style that Trudell is wearing although he always wore a clip on sunglass over his eyewear.
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Watch This You-Tube video to experience JT's work.
John Trudell "Heart Taker"

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