Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elton John a true VISIONary....

This vintage Pierre Cardin is c1970's and is so reminiscent
of this era of fantastic eyewear. Collecting vintage eyewear is quite easily turned into an obsession. When holding in your hand an exceptional piece of eyewear, discerning eyes shall not miss the details that are the artisan of fine eyewear.

The 1970's was evolutionary for eyewear, artists such as Elton John made it fashionable to wear eyeglasses.  Eyewear found the rightful place as a accessory that would complete a look or capture a moment.  Very rarely would you find an artist photographed wearing eyeglasses...
Elton looked at eyewear as a focal point of his ensemble.  Kudos Elton!
Vintage Pierre Cardin c1970

The 1970's was also an exceptional era for manufacturing eyewear. This era created challenges in manufacturing for many of the designs of this period were dramatic and complicated masks that could be adapted for ones prescription.  Many innovations began to happen in this period as far as  manufacturing. These intricate designs required changes in tooling of the machinery in which these wearable and RX-able pieces of art-wear started to become desirable.
Vintage Anglo American Dragon Mask c1970
Alas it began a want for eyewear  no longer just a need, designers quickly saw the possibilities and so the fun began!

I hope you come and join the fun!

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  1. i use to love these anglo frames,sold a few back in the era when i had my shop in the boston area,the sir winston eyewear full wraps were the ones i sold the most,friends who played in rock and punk bands were my biggest customers for most of them.