Sunday, June 30, 2013

Short Tuitorial...Fine Eyewear

Passion for finely crafted items is not always as it seems.  In today's retail market one may define an object as luxury simply by the branding attached to the wears. While in Haute Couture these brands are synonymous with craftsmanship,  in terms of eyewear their is great confusion .

Let us clear the air!

matsuda eyewear
In modern manufacturing of eyewear. Knowing origin of manufacturing of the eyewear is helpful in establishing the quality of the workmanship.  Finest quality metal eyewear is manufactured in Japan.

Vintage Franklin Delano Roosevelt
However in plastic eyeglasses it is about the origin of the material used and how the hinges are attached to the frame, our personal preference is a pinned hinge.  Many, Many manufacturers use a sunk in hinge that is branded into the plastic this does not allow as much stability and structure to the eyewear. The hinge you see as in the vintage frame shown here are the three dots. These dots are not just an adornment that you also see in many designer eyeglasses today they are the hinges themselves. This firm structure allows a solid construction and a great fit!

Not wishing to BORE you our hope is this will act as a simple guide to follow.

When you pick up your next pair of designer eyewear let your own senses guide you.  Most all who put on a pair of finely crafted eyeglasses or sunglasses truly "SEE" the difference.

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