Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We are Made in the carries a wide array of global products, we are now proud to announce a new feature from a category simple called made in the USA.

The made in America icon will appear on the vintage eyeglass or vintage sunglass pieces that have been  researched by the manufacturers origin to assure product was made in the USA as well as clearly marked vintage eyeglass or sunglasses that are stamped with made in the USA stamp.

We are proud to add this feature to our site in support of goods and services made in the USA and I hope those who are looking for product and services made in the USA will find this new feature a benefit in choosing ones selection of vintage eyewear.

Our mission at is to share with the Universe our passion for vintage sunglasses and vintage eyeglasses.  We wish to acknowledge our appreciation from all of the many different countries of origin that are also featured on our website.

We at will continue to post new items, for right now this is a work in progress.

Thank You         Grazie         Arigato          Danke          Tack             Obrigado      

 Merci         Gracies            ありがとうございます            Bedankt                Oliwni              

  Dank U              Askwala                          M goi                            Spasibo

gràcies                         Klitos                            감사합니다   
     Multumesc                             תודה                                   Vielen Dank


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  1. WOW! Real proud of of the site as well as the excellent Blogger! Keep up the great work...Obrigado!