Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Christian Dior in the

Christian Dior
Christian Dior continues to be synonymous with objects of only the finest of quality and design. Christian Dior had a post-war epiphany realizing women were ready for a change.  Christian Dior created a new silhouette for women that maximized the natural hourglass lines of a woman's body. Dior created a new look of billowing skirts with cinched waste and mountains of luxurious fabrics and women desired his new look.
Dior creates new look "flower women"

Christian Dior became well known for his haute couture fashion  as well as his ready to wear and his new look began to draw much attention.  Establishing such client list as Eva Gardner and Marlene Dietrich .  During the 1950's Christian Dior was the biggest and best run haute couture house in Paris.  Dior re-defined a new business model to the fashion industry by establishing Dior as a global brand offering a wide range of products. This new approach only further established The House of Dior strong presence as a leader in Haute Couture as well as ready to wear fashion. Dior reinvigorated Paris fashion with his Brand of excellence.
Vintage Christian Dior 2320 circa 1980's

 Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses are no exception to the Dior brand of excellence. has some new additions to our collection. These vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses are just as one would expect from Christian Dior "classic perfection".
Vintage Dior sunglass are made of Optyl a very lightweight yet durable material that allowed for  the dramatic shapes and large eye sizes which Dior became know for.  Dior always offers both fashionably provocative style yet quite practical wearing at the same time.

When you put on Vintage Dior Eyewear you too will experience the sheer enjoyment of this luxurious brand. The two new additions to featured here are classic examples of Dior styling. The classic open sided tailoring of this vintage sunglass along with the crocodile pattern which is eloquently etched into this lovely sunglass make this piece wildly perfect. 

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