Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who say's no Wearing white after Labor Day?

Christian Roth Wrap Cat Eye circa 1990's

Bridgette Bardot circa 1960's
Elton John circa 1970's

Fashion is never about rules,  totally just the opposite. Fashion is an expression of oneself.  I find it interesting on how domesticated we have chosen to become.
Rules are what we make of them.

Many different versions are told as to how this moratorium on "White"... came to be. The most logical rule is that Labor Day marks the end of summer.
White is a color that keeps one cool in the summer months.  Since Labor Day clearly marks the end of summer then eliminating white from the wardrobe was logical.
Liz Claiborne circa 1970's
However since when has being fashionable followed the rules of logic?  I choose to believe that this rule was a part of a separatist "Code"of the well to do fashionista.

Summer has ended so therefore they need to replace the resort wear clothing to get ready to re-emerge back into the everyday life.  Rearranging their closets so that their wardrobe was to include the fall fashions of darker muted colors.

White was eliminated. Now this just does not have to be....break the rules and live dangerously.
Jean Shrimpton circa 1960's
Vintage American Optical circa 1960's
Living in Miami where it is sunny all year round we do not have to re-arrange our closets as many others do. We say to HELL with this antiquated rule. While shopping for the latest fall trends follow your own rules of style! If that should  include white then that is alright. 

White is a statement color for those who wish to be seen and I love white. White will keep you looking cool all year round.

Never much for rules anyway!

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  1. I agree entirely! Its called "winter white"! Helloooo! I will be rocking my white blazer as soon as fall hits.