Monday, September 12, 2011

All over the Globe....Vintage Eyewear

Cavanaugh made our mission statement "To reach the globe with our collection of vintage eyeglasses," and so far we are doing quite well. These photos are of the rock/pop band from the heart of Sweden in the city of Borlänge, Dalarna called Cavanaugh.  This 4 man strong rock/pop band are truly a  powerhouse of great listening music and I am so proud that Jonas wears one of our vintage eyeglasses.  Cavanaugh's music seems to  cross over a generational gap of music listening.  Myself as well as my 18 year old daughter have greatly enjoyed their latest CD entitled "You've Been Had"!  The lyrics to their songs are commendable and thought provoking.

Jonas Nyström

We have met many interesting people, like Jonas. We feel our passion for our vintage eyewear collection truly spans the our client list grows from continent to continent.  Thank you Jonas and to all of our clients who are helping our mission to be accomplished!
Rock On!

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  1. Truly vintage eyewear are still fashionable nowadays and I really like vintage things. :)