Monday, August 29, 2011

Maestro Andy Warhol...Reinhart Wolf circa 1980's

Portrait of Andy Warhol and Reinhart Wolf

This photo was taken from this great book "New York by Reinhart Wolf" that was gifted to me by a dear friend...Thanks Mark!

The vintage images  in the book are captured by the photographer Reinhart Wolf.  The images are of New York City architechture and are absolutely amazing!   The dedication in the book reads "This is dedicated to New York City and all who live in it."  You can feel as well as see much Wolf loved NY! 

This photo taken of Warhol and Wolf was during an interview in the 1980's and I find it fascinating the way that Warhol was captured.  You do not even see the eyeglass in the mirror reflection, yet it is quite apparent Warhol is wearing his iconic eyeglass choice.  This look was usually as you see a flesh toned Panto eyeglass. The style suits his face quite exceptionally. 

Warhol was quite myopic and had a rather strong prescription however his short sighted vision made up for the deficiency by his revolutionary vision of all thing simple.  Warhol to me is the overlord of Pop culture and I love his acuity for all things simple.

This post "I dedicate to all who love Andy Warhol as I do."

"If everyone isn't beautiful, then no one is."
Andy Warhol


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