Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Complete the Look with Vintage Sunglasses

I search all over to find vintage images of fantastic looking people in vintage sunglasses or eyeglasses! This task one would think would be simple however it is not so easy.  I found this amazing vintage photo taken by Paul McDonough in his book simply titled New York Photographs 1968-1978.
I simply could not pass the image up even though they are not donning shades!

Bad..bad... Girls!

Vintage B&L circa 1970's
So this incredible look of these two hotties in hot pants and knee highs can be completely and perfectly ingrained in my world, I have selected vintage sunglasses that would be my style choice for their mod us operandi .
The sunglasses chosen are from collection of vintage Sunglasses.

Strut your Style.

Vintage Jackie OHHH circa 1960's


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