Saturday, August 14, 2010

Show Invincible Style in Vintage Eyeglasses

Len Dieghton and Michael Caine cooking it up on the set for the spy movie The Ipcress File.  Len who wrote several cookery books himself is teaching Caine how to skillfully crack eggs for his role as Harry Palmer in the screen adaption of his uncredited novel The Ipcress File.  This film launched Caines career and set him on his path as quite a sex symbol.  See eyeglasses are sexy!
This vintage image shows these two handsome Brits in classic vintage black eyewear. 

This vintage eyeglass circa 1960's by zyloware can be purchased at and is of similar style to the vintage eyeglasses that both men are wearing.  This nylon constructed eyeglass is truly as its name state invincible. Nylon is an extremely lightweight and durable material. Impervious to both wear and heat this incredible material is great for eyeglasses.  Show the world your own impervious sense of style in vintage eyeglasses from

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