Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To My Hamlet

Hamlet was a true Love. Many may not understand or agree to refer to a pet in such a manner. But many understand and feel the same way about their pets. He is family! Our loss when he died was the same as a loved one. He was my buddy as I often referred to him. I normally do not share my grief in such a platform however I felt a need to Honor him for his courage and never ending Love!
I was so devastated when Hamlet died I said " No More"!  The struggle in myself was to not put my emotions out again. Especially since we still had four other dogs . Time passed and I felt no better the struggle of not having HAMMIE was to much! So I began a search on the Net to find a Lhaso like Hamlet but it needed to be a rescue dog from our city that was my absolute criteria. Well I wish to introduce you all to...Chewbacca or Chewie for short!

While I still miss HAMMIE the love I have to give I realize is not to be protected but shared. 

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