Wednesday, January 8, 2014

American Hustle...Vintage Ted Lapidus Vintage Sunglasses

Michael Wilkinson costume designer for the Movie American Hustle channels so SPECtacular the fashion vibe of the 1970's.
The 1970's was a coming out party for eyeglasses this period transformed the eyewear industry. Design houses began to brand their names on both eyeglasses and sunglasses and so begins the era of designer sunglasses.                               
Eyeglasses as well as sunglasses became desirable as well as fashionable. The black and gold sunglasses that Jennifer Lawrence is wearing are by designer Ted Lapidus.
This elaborate Sunglass is a icon in the optical industry . This
exact model of this lovely iconic Sunglass is available for purchase at We have a wide selection of eyewear from the 1970's and allow you to view them simply by selecting this era. So come on and let's do the hustle...

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