Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recyled Fashion...Vintage Eyewear

Click to watch...As recycling booms, where do clothes go?
Vintage Nino Balli c1980's

Vintage Berdel  Sunglass c1980's

Vintage Carrera c1980's

This article by Wendy Koch for USA today gives some great tips for those who value the importance of recycling.  We here at have always seen the value in vintage fashion.
Vintage Givenchy c1980's

Vintage Givenchy c1980's

While our stock of frames are not worn we are still a intricate part of recycled fashion. Our collection of vintage designer sunglasses and eyeglasses have so much life left in them that was how our collection came to be.

Realizing the value of these incredible eyeglasses our vision for was to give all the option of being Eco-friendly to all.

It is our hope you will stop in to "SEE" what we have to offer for your next selection of eyewear go the renewable as well as fashionable way choose


  1. This is a great article. I love all these glasses they are so unique. I did not know Givenchy and Berdel made vintage eyeglasses. I really enjoy these styles of glasses because they can go with so many outfits. Since I need to wear them all the time for my vision, I decided to find a few that are at least fashionable. I have a different clothing style so I usually wear vintage eyeglasses because they come in many styles and colors. Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. These are awesome! Very unique! I am actually a collector and I have been collecting eyewear in Edwardsville for a while now. Great find!