Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Unique just does not
A very interesting question was posed to to validate pricing on some of our collection of vintage eyewear?  This was an interesting question for this person never asked for a discount or to adjust pricing however really wanted to understand the reason for the dollar amount.  This was a legitimate thought process so allow us to share our reasoning. collection is based on vintage eyeglass or sunglass pieces that are free of previous energies and are NOS (new out of stock) .  We find rare models that are hand picked based on the design and characters of each piece individually. Our search is for items that we feel are special vintage eyeglass and authentic vintage sunglass styles that are classic and relevant for each era. Our collection spans the time period of the 1900's thru to the 1990's.

What is also important to is our true commitment to finding some of the finest and rarest in vintage eyewear .  We carefully inspect all items so that one can be assured it will look and feel as if it was fresh from the factory.  All of our collection is authentic vintage eyewear and vintage sunglasses. has set up the website to be categorized by the time period or circa.  We carefully research each item and view this collection as a true histology of vintage eyewear.

Our objective is to share our collection with the world and yet we try to make our service as personalized as we can. We are available for question's and will supply additional information as well as photo's for anything you may find on 
So come on world let's get down to business.

couturier of vintage eyewear

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