Thursday, May 31, 2012

In honor of the Queen's Jubilee...

In honor of the Queen her majesty celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, I wish to congratulate the Queen for her stoic and constant example of both elegance and taste. The Queen has reigned successfully for six decade throughout many times of social change and remains a constant beacon of absolute grace. Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II on achieving 60 years on the throne your diamond jubilee year...
The Queen's style is stately, with an heir of sophistication. Continuously assuring us that the crown jewels are the focus of her appearance. Her subdued selection in eyewear allows minimal competetition with the vast array of jewels that act as moments of history remembered. The Queen fulfills her role as head of state with the integrity and stability that Britian has come to expect and the rest of the world reveres.
The selection you see featured from is a classic example of the Queens style of eyewear. Simple as they may be the emphasis is on what the Queen wishes to showcase proving once again "Diamonds are a girls best Friend"!

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