Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Eyes have it....

The "Eye" Wadjet is a symbol used by ancient Egypt as a sign of protection. The "all seeing eye" frequently adorned ancient Egyptians in jewelry made of gold or silver. This was to ensure safety,health and provide wisdom and prosperity to the bearer.
The EYE OF HORUS has a very specific meaning. The eye is represented as a figure with 6 parts. These 6 parts correspond to the six senses - Touch, Taste, Hearing, Thought, Sight, Smell. These are the 6 parts of the *eye*. It was also used as a notation of measurement, particularly for measuring the ingredients in medicines and pigments.
The evil eye is known as "ayin horeh" in Hebrew; "ayin harsha" in Arabic, "droch shuil" in Scotland, "mauvais oeil" in France, "böse Blick" in Germany, "mal occhio" in Italy it was known as "oculus malus". Many different cultures have come to realize the inevitable power that the eyes posses. Trying to capture the power with amulets to adorn themselves or homes to keep away evil seems to be a part of many cultures.
Ancient proverbs say that the eyes are "the window to the soul", "the jewel of the body". Whatever your beliefs the power of the eyes can not be dismissed. So protect them and realize the power they possess to do both good and evil. I choose GOOD!

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