Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CustomEyes your vintage eyeglass....

Vintage American Optical circa 1970's
 "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." Translation of this idiom would be better served as to say that one cannot make a good quality product using bad quality material.

The purpose of this blogpost is to portray what can be done to a simple vintage eyeglass and how it can be transformed into a remarkable fashion statement!

As a couturier of vintage eyewear here I am utilizing one of the many different techniques or "tricks of the trade" such as tinted lenses. This rather simple process adds a strong sense of interest to your selection and custom tailors your vintage eyeglass purchase to meet your needs.  Adding colored lenses to vintage eyeglass is one of the many ways you can easily transforms a vintage eyeglass on the site into a remarkable fashion statement.  Any vintage eyeglass frame you see on can be transformed into a tinted lens of your choice.

We pride ourselves on being available for consultation making sure your selection of vintage eyewear is as personal as it could possibly be via internet.

Our promise to you is making sure your purchase from is something that is truly yours and yours alone!  We carefully select all of the vintage eyeglasses to assure their quality fits our standards. We choose what we feel are special and unique and we only have one of the item so it truly is  "just for you"!

"Be Your Own Logo"is our mission statement and we want all who appreciates the special qualities of vintage eyewear to enjoy your selection as much as we enjoy bringing it to YOU!


Couturier of Vintage Eyewear

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