Monday, February 27, 2012

atticeyewear's photostream udates

Yamamoto 1Revue Hoodie 4Revue Hoodie 3Versace 2Optical Affairs Round 1Optical Affairs Round 4
Optical Affairs Ovals 4Optical Affairs Ovals 2Paul Smith Alluminum 5Paul Smith Alluminum 3Optical Affairs Black Twist 1Optical Affairs Black Twist 3
LA Eyeworks S Curls 4LA Eyeworks S Curls 1Cazal White Red 2Cazal White Red 1BADA Floaters 4BADA Floaters 1
Sunmodes Checker 1Sunmodes Checker 2Vertical Zebra 2Univis Strips Black 1Vertical Zebra 1Swank Sportivo Black 1
Some new addition to the family...hope you will view our collection of hand picked NOS (new out of stock) items available at No Repicas here our collection is 100% authentic period pieces spanning from 1900's - 1990's.  Hope you enjoy your viewing!

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