Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Beginning of a Legacy in Fashion...

Candice Bergman circa 1960's

This vintage photo you see of Candice is a great example of the 1960's fashion trend.  Fashion for this period was based on the feel of times the free spirit emerged in fashion.
People desired a complete break away from the mold of the modest 1950's classic styling.  For eyewear it was the beginning of the realization that eyeglasses and sunglasses had become a fashion trend that consumers desired.

Manufactures began to realize the impact of eyewear as an accessory and what it could offer to the consumer.  The stigma of this not so exciting and practical device became SEXY! This trend opened up a whole new avenue of branding possibilities and peeked the interest of many designers. 

Styling in eyeglasses and sunglasses for this period was that of larger geometric shapes and bold colors and patterns.  Different types of acetates were introduced to the market allowing designers to create sunglass styles that wrapped the face and yet were lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Eyewear became fashionable and desirable as well a basic necessity for all wardrobes.  So begins the legacy of an Industry that continues to thrive and complete the look for all who embrace this simple yet powerful tool of accessorizing.

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