Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homage to an Icon....Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol photographed by Reinhart Wolf

This photo of Andy Warhol was captured by Reinhart Wolf.  Andy look in eyeglasses is what is known in my business as a P3 or Panto shape.  This style suited Andy well and became his iconic look in eyewear as well as sunglasses.
The "Panto" or "P3"term was derived by the frame manufactures it is a shape that is round but with a deeper vertical measurement. While completely coin round eyeglasses are very fashionable they are also difficult for most face shapes. This classic P3 or Panto shape was much easier to wear and fit a larger spectrum of the different face shapes. This classic styling has been and I feel always will be a part of fashion in eyewear.

Vintage Andy Warhol has just listed this classic P3 or Panto shaped eyeglass we call...what else...Andy Warhol.  This classic vintage eyeglass is a very tailored and crisp look and works very well for both men and ladies. It also works equally as well as a sunglass.
Be your own pop culture is as simple as putting on a pair of vintage eyeglasses.


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