Sunday, August 21, 2011

Richard Avedon...Vintage Eyeglasses

Richard Avedon portait as seen by the eyes of Alfred Eisenstaedt

This vintage photo is of Richard Avedon photographer...what a great moment you feel his mood in this vintage photo.
Richard Avedon photography is as real as his expression captured in this photo a "true view of honest moment's" that is how I view Avedon's photography as well as this photo session of Avedon by Eisenstaedt.
Vintage Rockabilly circa 1950's B/W
Vintage Rockabilly circa 1950's Color

One can always achieve the true beauty of a object by viewing it in black and white. When the image holds its value in black and white that shows the true element of the objects design.

Capturing this look  Richard is wearing I have chosen from www.atticeyewear circa 1950's collection.
This vintage Rockabilly by Univis is a uber classic shape when frame is viewed from the front you see the great stripe pattern however when this vintage classic is viewed from the side it appears as if it is solid black.
Really a fun take on this classic  vintage eyeglass.
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