Monday, June 20, 2011

Vintage Dime

Woolworth Dime Store
 Nostalgia makes people happy and brings them back to a time of comfort. Dime Stores became popular in the early twentieth century, such names were Kress & Ben Franklin depending on where you were from.  In Downtown Miami  there was Woolworth. Woolworth had the traditional soda fountain counter where you could get a burger and shake while your parents shopped.

Dime stores are a part of Americana History that in some cases were very eventful. Such an Event took place February 1, 1960 in Greensboro North Carolina when four African American college students sat down at a segregated Woolworth counter and politely asked to be served. A piece of that counter is in the Smithsonian Institute.
Vintage Dime Store Cat Eye circa 1940'

These Vintage Dime Store eyeglasses available at are also a part of Americana.
These sunglasses were manufactured in large quantities usually of celluloid a type of plastic that could be mass produced and easily molded. These vintage sunglasses are still of excellent quality and surpass many modern day designer sunglasses.

Vintage Neon Green Dime Store circa 1960's

The vintage sunglass you see here all have the original glass lenses to add to their authenticity and are in excellent condition considering the age of many of these pieces. If you want a piece of Americana these collectibles do not need to be on a shelf they can be worn.

Vintage Neon Orange Dime Store circa 1960's

These vintage sunglasses are truly for Fun in the Sun.
If you wish to make a bold statement and are unafraid to express yourself these will definitely suit your needs.
Be your own Logo.

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