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Circa 1900's
Circa 1950's can supply you with vintage eyeglasses from many different time period's.
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The 1900's was a period of basic utility, fashion was not so much a concern until the 1940's when eyewear began to take on its own character.

Circa 1960's
Circa 1970's
Circa 1980's
Circa 1990's

The 1950's eyeglasses are beginning to take on more fashionable looks. The cat eye became an eyeglass staple and embellishing them with stones was typical for this period.

Then came the 1960's this period for eyeglasses was time of expression. This period utilized bold colors in eyewear and graphic shapes to express style.

The 1970's was a time for extravagant  shapes.  This period began to experiment with different material's such as Optyl to allow for less weight to make these oversize eyeglasses comfortable to wear.  This is when designers began to realize the possibilities for branding sunglasses and eyeglasses as a fashionable accessory.   
The 1980's is my all time favorite period for eyewear.  This period was the bigger the eyeglass the better. Eyeglasses of this period were big and bold. Designer labels such a Dior and Gucci began to make a serious impact on eyewear purchasing and sunglasses are becoming a necessary fashion accessory.

The 1990's was a time that was all about designer labels. This period began in my mind the decline of quality manufacturing in order to pay for the exorbitant prices of the label's that were being stamped on the eyewear.  However some label's remained true to quality manufacturing.


Whatever your favorite period may be has the selection and the knowledge to offer you the perfect selection of vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses for your discerning eye.

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