Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Eyeglasses 101

Time for vintage eyeglasses
101. You can see from this very explicit diagram the names of the parts of the eyeglasses. The hinge is the part that attaches the front of the frame to the temple. Vintage hinges come in many different barrel which allow for a sturdy and lasting fit.  The lens refers to how big the actual lens is not the overall size. The frame is the front of the eyeglasses themselves. The bridge is the part that rest on your nose and can be several different types of bridges,  a Keyhole bridge in which on the frame front it actually looks like a keyhole this allows for fitting on smaller bridges. Then we have the classic saddle bridge that rest around your nose and then their are nose pads that allow the glasses to be adjusted to customize a fit for many different bridge styles. This is very helpful if a client has a very flat bridge. The temple is the piece that goes around your ear  and comes in a variety of lengths, the back of the temple is called the earpiece.  Knowing the structure of an eyeglass will allow you to ask questions regarding your purchase. Vintage eyeglasses were made to last and have proved themselves to stand the test of time.
Visit and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any frame on our site. We are licensed opticians and this allows for professional as well as personal service regarding you vintage eyewear purchase.

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