Friday, July 16, 2010

The Fifth Beatle...Vintage Sunglasses

This vintage image was taken in 1960 of the original group Johnny and the Moondogs.  George Harrison John Lennon and center is Stuart Sutcliffe the Fifth Beatle.  Stu was an aspiring artist persuaded by John to buy a bass with the proceeds of one of his paintings.  Stu obliged and actually suggested renaming the band The Beatles.
Stu became involved with a photographer Astrid Kirchherr who took these iconic photos. He actually left the band to marry her.  Tragically in 1962 Stu dies of a massive brain hemorrhage.
If he lived to realize the relevance of his decision he may have never been able to live with his choice so maybe the Universe allowed for a solution.
Could have, should have, would have...

Do Have...This vintage sunglass by is of the same Rockabilly style that Stu is wearing.
All you need is Style....

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