Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fidel Castro...Vintage Eyeglasses

This vintage image is of Cuban Revoutionary Fidel Castro in his vintage eyeglasses circa 1960's.  Living in Miami saying Fidel's name is similar to saying Lord Voldemort the nemeses from the Harry Potter series name out loud strictly Taboo. Fidel's words of revolution seemed so simple and obtainable but reality is quite different than words on a page. Free speech and personal liberties have been all but stripped away from so many lives in this Island Nation.
Stories of how so many Cuban Nationals that were fortunate enough to flee leaving all they owned behind to just be able to get out of what was their homeland. Many settled in Miami and are now a part of our history and culture they are an intrinsic part of our infrastructure. Many leading fruitful lives and appreciating the simple beauty of freedoms that many times one can take for granted.
This vintage frame from is out for refurbishment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our vintage collection that mostly consist of NOS vintage frames. This vintage piece however is very rare and hard to find.  We recently acquired the piece from an estate sale and are sending the frame out for restoration.
Be your own Revoltuionary of Fashion in vintage eyewear from


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