Friday, July 2, 2010

Eye Do Number 2...Modern Eyeglasses

This frame gets Eye Do Eye Do is a word published on Urban Dictionary and it is an eyewear look that one commits to like a marriage and looks fabulous doing so.
The Collaborative collection of Romain Kremer /Mykita is simply brilliant.  Romain's inspiration of space age modern is so well perceived in this collection. The frame featured here Romain is a limited edition piece, made of stainless steel stamped out as louvers... these really are Shades.
It is refreshing to see designer's actually creating new looks using modern materials that are evolutionary and out of the box. We have been enclosed in our boxes much too... long and Romain Couture Collection as well as his runway eyewear shows our world as a three dimensional view to design.
I manage the Edward Beiner Shop in South Miami and we have the Romain and I am so excited!!! This frame is truly an Eye Do.....

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