Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elvis Costello...Vintage Eyeglasses

Elvis Costello is the  King of Style.

His quintessential look shows that he knows how to put himself together. Elvis uses classic elements that give him a powerful look that most men can emulate.  His iconic look has always been heavy plastic vintage eyeglasses. He really wears the style well. Vintage eyewear is truly a simple way for a man to add a great presentation of personal style.
"I always say know your style and you will know yourSELF!"
This vintage eyeglass featured here from circa 1960's will give you true Elvis Costello Styling.  This vintage eyeglass is called the Invincible it is a Nylon constructed material and truly is invincible. Nylon was first introduced in the 1940's and is an amazing lightweight and durable material.
Be Invincible in vintage eyewear from!

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