Friday, April 9, 2010

Malcolm Mclaren...VIntage Sunglasses

Malcolm Mclaren impresario and manager of the Sexpistols , was an entrepreneur as well as a solo artist ahead of his time. Malcolm conceived the idea of the band to promote his "anti-fashion" clothing boutique "Let it Rock" with longtime girlfriend Vivenne Westwood. Malcolm basically created the rise of punk rock music with his group the Sex Pistols. Malcolm carefully cultivated a buzz in the music scene by creating names like Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicous for the band members. This associated an image of non-conformity and a hedonistic style that was well received along with the  music they created.  This pop culture band pushed the envelope of the 1970's era, although the band was short lived it has made an indelible mark in music that still lives on today.
Malcolm died on March 8, 2010...Godspeed Malcolm.
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