Friday, April 16, 2010

Eric Clapton...Vintage Sunglasses

Eric Clapton one of the best guitarist of all times, is looking cool in his vintage aviator sunglasses. Eric's style is that just got out of bed look and he wears it well.  This vintage photo is classic 1970's style, LARGE, the bigger the better in both vintage eyeglasses and vintage sunglass.  The 1970's was the time for eyewear to become a fashion statement not just a device for Optometrist to put your corrective lenses in. Eyeglasses became a statement of who you were and how you wanted to present yourself. This time for eyewear was the breakout period for designer labels to begin to license out to their Brand.  The 1970's and 1980's are some of my favorite eras.  This is evident when you visit our site our extensive collection of these two periods is reflective of our passion for these two periods.
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