Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Edward Beiner Spring 2010 ...VIntage Inspired Collection Has Arrived

"Their is no such thing as anything new only the reiteration of what was!"  "You must know where you have been in order to know where you are going."These two quotes to me summarize basic element of design.
I have had the privilege to  collaborate in the design on the new Spring 2010  Edward Beiner Collection. This collection is based on vintage eyewear from the period of 1980's.  This is when Edward Beiner opened his flagship store in South Miami.  This Signature Piece you see is called the "Dawn" and the element of design features a drop style temple that is a retrospective of the 1980's Eyewear Fashion.  This style is one of six new releases in the Spring Collection.  I invite all to come visit me "Dawn" at our South Miami location to view this collection, it is also available and in stock at all nine Edward Beiner locations.
Manufacturing of this collection was done in Paris, and you will be sure to discern the quality of materials and appreciate the sheer fashion sense as well.  I am very proud to have been a part of the Design Team and look forward to purveying our collection for your discerning eyes.

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  1. Mom, the collection is beautiful!
    Congradulations, now hook a daughter up!