Monday, April 5, 2010

Claudia Cardinale...Vintage Eyeglasses

Claudia Cardinale wearing her Vintage Aviator Ray Ban Sunglasses. The aviator sunglass is still a staple in Fashion Today.  A classic aviator is really a must have for both men and woman alike. This look offers a sporty look or a very classic style depending upon what your are wearing. Claudia is wearing the Vintage Ray Ban aviator as a prescription lens and it looks great. This vintage oversized aviator eyeglass look suits her very well. I do this a lot with clients take a sunglass and pop the lenses out and then you have a nice large eyeglass. It works quite well.
Being an optician allow me to guide you in a perfect selection of vintage eyewear.  Many times I suggest tinted lenses that helps to soften the look of the oversized glass and allows for protection from the glare of the sun. If you see a frame at and it does not have sunglass lenses in it and you wish to add non presciption tinted lenses, I will do so at no additional cost and help you choose a perfect color for your selection.  Let us guide you in a look that will make you feel like a Star.

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  1. Love Ray Ban Sunglasses! They are great for a casual and sophisticated look