Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wim Wenders...Vintage Sunglasses

Wim Wenders the renowned director in his Vintage Polo eyeglasses circa 1970. Wim talents surpass but a few. He is most known for his film Paris, Texas and The Wings of Desire these films are well noted for their cinematography. Wim surrounds himself with avant-gard authors such as Peter Handke and Sam Shepard that help to create his award winning films.
Wim is also an icon for fashionable vintage eyeglasses. He favors round shapes and wears them well!
Visit for this similar selection you see in this vintage 1970 photo. He is wearing a vintage Polo and we have this style in two colors both tortoise and black. This mint condition vintage eyeglass is waiting for you to take ACTION!

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