Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steve Martin...Vintage Eyeglasses

Steve Martin in one of the funniest movie of all time, The Jerk.  This 1970's film if you have not seen, is a must see...if you want to laugh. In this movie Steve portrays a character named Navin Johnson who was raised by a "poor black family". The whole movie is one big stand up routine by Steve and it is pure genius. This vintage photo is of Navin, who develops "The Eyeglass Gripper" so your glasses will stay tight and will not slip down off of the nose. He becomes a very rich man from his invention, until.....if you do not know what happens next, well then you must see the movie!  Laughter ensured this is for certain.  
Atticeyewear has a great solution if your eyeglasses are slipping... go visit your optician! This optician feels that "you too can be someone" by your selection of vintage eyeglasses or vintage sunglasses. Style Ensured!

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