Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dick Button...Vintage Sunglasses

Dick Button the legendary 2 time gold medalist in Mens Figure Skating dominated the sport and of men's figure skating. He created moves on ice that are now a staple of judging the sport. He is like watching a "premier danseur"on ice.

Now how does this relate to vintage sunglasses...hmmm! Check out new listing. This Phillipe Starck  is an amazing feat in eyewear design. Phillipe's patented 360° hinge designed to move like the human arm allows for complete comfort and fit. The sun lenses are the original poloroid brown glass. Phillipe Starck is distributed by another master of eyewear design, Alain Mikli. This is an amazing vintage sunglass circa 1990. 
This vintage sunglass get's the Gold!!!

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