Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20/40...Vintage Eyeglasses...20/20...Vintage Sunglasses

WTF... what does 20/20 mean? The term is  based on the Snellen eye chart created by Herman Snellen in 1863. This chart consist of letters or symbols printed on a chart then placed at a distance of 20 ft from the viewer. The outcome is determined by the last line you are able to read clearly. A score of 20/40 means that one was able to read from twenty feet what one with perfect vision was able to read from a distance of 40 ft. This score is below normal, so visit atticeyewear.com and pick out your fabulous vintage eyeglasses! If your score is 20/20 visit atticeyewear.com for your fabulous vintage sunglasses!
Test Your Vision

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