Sunday, January 3, 2010

Define yourself in Vintage Sunglasses

This photo is of Sharon Tate from the movie 12+1 released in 1969.  The 1960 was a time of expression and style.
Eyeglasses were also taking a different direction more emphasis on fashion and less on the utilitarian aspect of a device that allowed you to see. So begins the evolution of eyewear as a fashion accessory. collection is a retrospective of The History of Eyewear. Our mission is to capture from all of the different era from 1900 thru 1990 the finest selection of unique collectible eyewear. Visit and find your favorite era and choose a vintage eyeglass or vintage sunglass that defines you.


  1. eye glasses are a fashion statement and really make a great difference to ones personalty.Rimless eyeglasses are latest trends.

  2. Such a saaaaad saaaaaad story.