Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thelonious Monk...Vintage Sunglasses

I love this image of Thelonius Monk with the keys of the piano reflecting off of his mirrored lenses. This cat was way  cool.  Thelonious had quite a collection of unique vintage sunglasses. also has many unique vintage sunglasses and vintage eyeglasses that you can choose for a look that is all your own.  Visit our site and find your look that will give you a timeless and unforgettable style. Be a cool cat in vintage eyewear from
Enjoy some of his genius...


  1. Photo is by the late, great Larence N. Shustak (1926-2003) and was actually taken at the Lincoln Center, NYC in 1960 :-) More of his work here

  2. I love Monk's music and style. Just an FYI, his first name is spelled "Thelonious" note the last four letters. Thank you for a terrific site.