Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VIntage Eyeglasses and Vintage Sunglasses get more for your money...

Vintage eyeglasses and vintage sunglasses truly were engineered for comfort and designed for beauty.  The element of their design was for function and comfort. Utilizing materials that in today's eyewear market you will pay a premium price for.  Only quality material's were available to the manufacturers. Vintage eyglasses had no "injection molding"which is a way to a mass produce eyeglasses. This type of manufacturing is used on most designer frames today. They had only zyl or cellulose acetate which are materials that hold up well to heat and hold their adjustment well. The dime store glasses such as Cool Ray and Foster Grant were made better than the most of the eyeglasses you will find on the market labeled "designer eyeglasses". If you want quality and value for your dollars go vintage. Visit and spend your dollars wisely.

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